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Face and Jaw Surgery

Bone degeneration/implants



I have had 2 jaw bone replacements surgeries. One involved both upper and lower. The upper had to be redone 2 years after the first surgery. I am now back where I started and implants on my upper jaw is now the option. It seems my teeth are so mobile they are wearing away the bone and also my bite is very powerful. After the second surgery I received botox shots inside my jaws to decrease the strength. It was successful for 7 months. I am being told that with the implants there will be no mobility possible, my bite will be opened, and I will look better. I would appreciate your thoughts. Also, two of the screws above my upper jaw are loose and have come out of the loops, now free in my face.


It seems that you are undergoing a complete mouth rehabilitation with bone grafting and implants.  One thing to remember is that even though implants are solid in the bone once they heal, they can also suffer fatigue and fracture if placed under a lot of stress.  I have seen a number of patients with broken screws and implants that were eventually lost because of this.  If you clench your jaws with your natural teeth, chances are you are going to clench on your implants.  Once the rehabilitation is complete you will need to be set up with a night guard and any additional therapy deemed necessary to try to prevent further clenching.

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