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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Fewer Erections



Hi, My husband is soon to be 26 he`s had this problem for several years and he is not big on going to the doctor for this problem. Usually he can only get an erection 1 time a day 2 if he`s lucky and that`s between several hour period. Like morning and then late at night. Sometimes he loses his erection in the middle of the action. That`s only happened a couple times. He`s not on any meds he used to smoke but hasn`t for a long while now. He does not drink or do drugs. We have also been unprotected for over 2 years and still we haven`t conceived a child. We have talked to a couple doctors about the not conceiving part and they just keep telling us to do what we have been doing. Could this be something serious can you suggest anything that we should do to try and make this problem better? He feels bad when this happends. I am not frustrated or upset but concerned cause he`s so young to have this problem which has happened for a number of years now. Sometimes I feel like it`s me but he swears it`s not. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you...


This could be physical, psychological or a combination.  It also could be hormonal.  Start with your primary care doctor, and have your husband/ fiance undergo a physical and some routine lab work.

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