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Drug rehabilitation centers 4 spinal cord...



Do you know of any drug rehabilitation centers that are provied for ppl with a spinal cord injury?? Please respond as soon as possible!!! This is a very critical situation where my brother has a spinal coed injury, and has started to re-use heavy drugs and alcohol!! He needs help, and we neeed a rehabilitation cenetr that will provide for his spinal cord injury as well as his drug and alcohol addiction. Thank you very very much!!!


There are many excellent rehabilitation hospitals across the country that, in addition to regular rehabilitation, offer counseling for individuals with disabilities.

A quick route would be for you to simply chat with your physiatrist (rehabilitation doctor), who should be organizing the SCI patient's care. If he/she is a physiatrist specializing in SCI (which, hopefully, he/she is), then they will know of resources in your area.

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