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Skin Care and Diseases

Weird red marks on my skin



I noticed on my left arm what looked like a pimple with a red circle around it. The circle grew to be about the size of a half dollar. About two or three days later, it went away. A few days later, another one appeared on my other arm. The red mark around it was still a perfect circle, but this time about the size of a penny, still with what looked just like a pimple in the midde. Several days later, i now have one on my leg that is very sensitive to the touch. I started a new medication not very long ago, so i am wondering if it could be a reaction to that. The two on my arm now do not have the circles around them anymore, but the bumps that were in the middle left marks on my arms. Could you help me to understand what is going on?


Your description is interesting and no immediate disease process comes to mind that has the rapid transient nature that you describe.  The possibility of medications, the possibility of hives are always present.  Insect bites might well be part of the problem.

It is important that your board certified dermatologist see the lesions and possibly biopsy them.  That person will need to take an intense history to see if a better understanding of your problem can be reached.

Thank you for your inquiry.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati