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Vascular Surgery

Dangers from vein scarring?



I`ve been stuck so many times recently for a number of lab tests to determine the cause of my chronic illness. I`ve received mulitiple comments on my veins being heavily scarred and so it was difficult for them to draw blood. One lab tech said my veins are so damaged from all the sticking that they are "as hard as bass guitar strings." Just to clear the air: I am not nor have I ever been an IV drug user.

They indicated that this is just "genetics" and that some people just scar more easily than others after multiple blood draws.

My question is, if my veins are now permanently scarred from all these tests, how does that affect circulation in my arms/hands? Surely scarred veins is not conducive to healthy circulation?


Scarred veins do not impact on your circulation. There are numerous other veins that can take the place of the scarred ones. More important to your circulation is your arterial blood flow (the red blood) that gives your pulse at the wrist. This more important circulatory component will have no impact from scarred veins.

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