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Skin Care and Diseases

White spots all over my body.I look spotted



My dermatologist told me the white spots all over my body was a vascular problem.H did not know how to treat the problem.Can you help.They LOOK AWLFUL,but do not itch or hurt in anyway.I am 37 and weigh 122and my class ruion is in 2 months and i wanted to have normal looking skin.I have had it for a long time,but it has gotton worse.Please Help.Thank you


   It is very difficult from your description to give you even an uninformed differential that would be appropriate.  You may be losing your color and have vitiligo.  On the other hand there are other diseases characterized by telangiectasias on round spots that may be related to other disease processes.  At this point it is important that you go to a board certified dermatologist who will spend the time to evaluate the lesions carefully and possibly biopsy the lesions and then counsel you on what may be done.  That physician may be able to give you reading materials so that you can become well informed.  Good luck.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati