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Anxiety and Stress Disorders (Children)

Stomach Pains and Anxienty



My 9 year old son has been complaining of stomach aches and headaches for about 3 years now on the stomach aches and about a year on the headaches. We have been to a GI doctors and neurologists to find nothing medically wrong. I took him to the doctor again yesterday and they suggested it was anxiety and gave me a refferal to see a psychiatrist. My husband and his mother also suffer from anxiety and I am worried that my sons will only get worse. Am I on the right path to helping him.


Yes, it is hard for children to communicate their anxiety in certain circumstances except through physical ailments.  The pain is real but the origin is psychosomatic.  Frequently a family history of similar type of issues is not uncommon.  I would encourage you to seek professional guidance from a mental health professional.  The good news is that it is treatable. 

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Floyd R Sallee, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati