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Pulmonary Fibrosis




What percent of patients live beyond 5-6 yars after diagnosis? Are there any foreign hospitals/ drugs that are better for treatment than here in the US?


Hi, The survival prediction is based on a number of patients with the disease, but does not predict a single patient's outcome. The prognosis also depends on the type of pulmonary fibrosis that the patient has. For example, the type of pulmonary fibrosis with more white blood cells called lymphocytes tends to do better. The type of pulmonary fibrosis with fewer white blood cells and more scarring tends to do worse. The mean survival is up to 2-3 years after diagnosis for patients with the scarring form of pulmonary fibrosis and longer with the more cellular form of the disease. To my understanding, most of the major studies in the disease are available in the US and foreign countries. Many people are working diligently to find a better treatment.

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