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I am 28 year old I have around 10-15 cyst only on the skin of scrotrum. I showed a dermatologist and he said it is steatocystoma.He didnt say it is multiplex or simplex! The diagnosis Around 10-15 cyst only on the skin of scrotrum. The cyst have never erupted. Only one of the cyst have slight yellow in colour and is 1-3 cms in size, while rest are smaller in size. They are all only on the skin of scrotum and no where else. I hope you can please clarify few of my queries which have been in my mind for long. Since these cyst formation has a relationship to age-usually puberty, I found that these cyst on my scortum skin developed after 19 yrs. Now that I am 28 yrs old and I dont find any such cyst anywhere else on the body I would like to know 1. Whether this cyst formation will continue develping throught the life on the affected part. 2. Whether These cyst formation can suddenly arise on any other parts of the body. 3. If I remove these cyst will they reappear on the same area or on some other part. 4. Will this cyst formation pass through the next generation. I hope you will find time to give an answer and ease my doubts..


The description you gave us of the cysts really is not steatocystoma as I understand it.  These lesions on the scrotum are epidermoid cysts, they are not necessarily passed on to generation after generation, but occasionally occur in family members.  I would suggest that you have your family physician, a surgical dermatologist, or plastic surgeon remove the lesions.  More may develop and it can become quite a problem.  Proper removal will prevent the cysts from recurring; but since these arise from the pilosebacrous apparatus other hair follicles may become involved.  I hope this answers your questions.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati