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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Seeking Help For A Hyperactive Child



I have a 5 year old whom is very hyperactive, from the time he wakes till he goes to bed (usually midnight or after)he will do everything he can to get under my skin.(or so it seems)If he asks for milk, I get him milk, then he wants juice, I get juice, He wants milk. If I don`t change it he will throw a screaming, kicking fit, which will last for 30 minutes or so. He throws about 7 to 10 fits a day. He jumps around and waves his hands around when playing alone. I have asked him to stop but he says he can`t help it. If I tell him to get out of my room he either won`t do it at all or he will do it but as soon as I leave the room to do something else he is right back at it. What I`m tryin to say is the boy won`t listen. Am I doing something wrong? I am also concerned about his education, he will be starting kindergarden in the fall and he can`t say his ABC`s, can`t count to 10, he can`t even hold a pencil correctly. I have tried so hard to teach him but he just doesn`t seem at all interested and he won`t sit still long enough to learn anything. I don`t want my child to be an outcast please help me.


Wow, you've got your hands full!

Unfortunately, I cannot tell if it is ADHD or not from the information I have. I strongly urge you to speak with his doctor about things because, whatever is going on, it sounds like he really does need to be evaluated by a professional.

With kindergarten starting soon, this is a great time to look into things---before he starts what could be a cycle of getting behind.


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Susan Louisa Montauk, MD
Formerly Professor of Family Medicine
University of Cincinnati