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Athletic Training




what is best for tendonitis heat or cold packs,i have recently been told i have it in my shoulder.i have been told to take natural tablets but im unsure what ones.thanks


As a general guideline, you should heat before activity and ice following activity.  In addition to heat, I would recommend some type of active warm-up for your shoulder muscles before you begin your exercise bout.  For example, you should spend some extra time and perform some additional warm-up tosses prior to throwing in the field.  The tendon will feel better once efficiently "warmed up."  

The problem with tendinitis is identifying the cause.  You can do things to decrease the pain/discomfort, but if you do not address the cause it will not go away. Certain factors that can influence this are:  overuse, strength, and flexibility.  For a through evaluation you may want to make an appointment to see a physician or another health care professional such as an athletic trainer. 

As far as the tablets go, I am not sure what you mean by natural tablets.  If you are referring to supplements, I do not have any recommendation, as there are so many out there that I do not know about.  I would, however, caution you on the use of supplements because they are not regulated by the FDA.  The most common type of tablet that I could see you taking for tendinitis would be some type of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID) such as ibuprofen.  Many people find these beneficial, but I would be somewhat cautious about taking these.  You want to be careful not to mask the pain (problem getting worse while you continue to perform the activity that is causing the pain because the medication is blocking the pain).

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Jamie   Birkelo, MA, ATC Jamie Birkelo, MA, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Department of Athletics
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University