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African American Health

Eczema Skin Care Help



What can African-Americans do for dry, scaly skin,that has been scarred by discoloration due to eczema, to help bring back its normal color and texture?


Your problem with longstanding dry, scaly skin would suggest that you are probably an atopic, and if you have atopy as the underlying problem you are going to have difficulty with your skin care indefinitely in any skin color. Inflammation, even mild scaliness, may result in areas of increased color as well as areas of decreased color. The goal is first, to control the underlying disease process and then in time many of the abnormal colors will normalize. They may never be perfect and monochromatic. I would suggest that you see your board certified dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis of your skin problem and intense therapy so that the scaly inflammatory lesions may be minimized and thus minimize your abnormal coloration.

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Response by:

Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati