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African American Health

Fibro Adenoma



What is Fibro Adenoma. How can this be treated so it will not return. Is this a form of breast cancer. If I have breast cancer. Where is the best place for Afro American female go to for the best possible treatment.


Fibroadenomas are non malignant(benign or non cancer) solid tumors made up of fibrous or glandular tissues. If a woman has a fibroadenoma, it is movable, painless, smooth, round, and hard like a marble. They are most frequent between ages 20-40. They occur two times more often in African American women than in white women. They can be multiple and affect both breasts but usually a woman has only one fibroadenoma. A fibroadenoma is easily seen with a mammogram. It is treated by excision or left alone if it is accurately diagnosed as a fibroadenoma. Some women request it be removed for peace of mind. Fibroadenomas do not turn into cancer.

The best place for breast care is a breast center in a community where the physicians specialize in breast diseases and care. However, breast centers may not be close for everyone and would mean travel to another city. Thank you for your question.

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Janet   Trigg, RN, MSN, EdD Janet Trigg, RN, MSN, EdD
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