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Hi,I am a 30 woman,I did orthodoncy 5 years l



Hi,I am a 30 woman,I did orthodoncy at the age of 22 and it lasted for 4 years,I was underbite,now they are better and in correct way as my doctor siad,but I feel that i need more treatment for developing in beauty and smile too ,I think my lower jaw and more theeth should go back more,I want to know can I do that again in this age ?also will my jaw go back with orthodency and braces too,or I should do jaw surgery only?


Certainly the fact that you had braces once does not mean that you could not do it again as long as the health of the teeth, gingivae, and bone are satisfactory.  This can be best determined by a trained orthodontist.  Since you do not say where you live the one orthodontist in India that I know best is Dr. Joseph Varghese in Cochin.  His address is: Muthoot Towers M.G. Road 682 035 Phone is 91-484-3956767.  Perhaps if you wrote or called their office they would give you the name of the best trained individual in your area.

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