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Skin Care and Diseases

Is ringworm contagious after grisofulvin?



Is ringworm still contagious after being given grisofulvin if the rash is still present? Also, how long can a ringworm spore live on a surface such as a couch, wall etc.?


As long as there are spores in hair, the hairs are potentially infectious, even after the Griseofulvin has destroyed those in the hair follicle.  I frequently ask my patients to use topical antifungals such as Nizoral shampoo,and if it is appropriate to clip the hair relatively close to minimize shedding of spore and broken hair.  In your correspondence you did not tell me how much Griseofulvin was given and for what period of time which may impact infectivity.

The broken hairs and spores that are left on furniture and car seats are potentially infectious, and account for often infecting entire families and school classrooms.  Be sure your board certified dermatologist reviews the current physical findings.  That person can give you a better prognosis as to how you are progressing and whether you are clear and noninfectious.


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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati