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Thyroid Diseases

Thyroid, Polycystic Ovaries, and Pregnancy



When I was diagnosed w/ thyroid and polycystic ovaries, I told my doctor I had no plans on having a baby. Now that I am planning to have a baby, I can`t begin to think of what I should be doing. My medical insurance is not going to kick in until months from now, but I wanted to know if there is something I need to be doing that would start guiding me towards having a baby.


Your question about the thyroid depends on what kind of thyroid disease you have.  Both an overactive and an underactive thyroid can be treated very well with medications that can be continued (with appropriate, careful follow-up) during pregnancy.  The major problem with the polycystic ovary syndrome and pregnancy is that polycystic ovary syndrome often impairs the regular, monthly release of an egg, which can result in infertility.  There are medications that can be used to correct this.

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