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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Kids

Upper canine teeth



After reading an article on your web, I had to ask this: My daughter now eight has three missing from top teeth and two sets of cannines attached and growing together and a type of crysalis root of enamal growing from another of her top canines. She has every six months had dental checks, this February we pushed the dental questioning during this appointment and was referred to a dental hospital. They hadnt seen anything like this, they asked us to sign a disclaimer to say they could use the dental pictures for publicity/literature. Although they are taking this up with specialists it annoyed me that their first question was has she been hit in the mouth. Our dentist has saw her from day 1 he hoped the milk teeth would drop out and produce lovely pearly whites like our other five children. Have you any idea what can cause this abnomality in our daughter and not our other children?


It sounds like your daughter has an unusual disruption of her dental enamel, though without examining her, it is not possible to suggest a diagnosis. The good news is that she is being seen by specialists who will help provide answers to your questions.  Injury to the baby teeth can sometimes cause the enamel of developing permanent teeth to be disrupted, and that's why they asked if she had ever been hit in the mouth.

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Dennis J McTigue, DDS Dennis J McTigue, DDS
Professor of Pediatric Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University