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Skin Care and Diseases

Molloscum scars



I had molluscum about a year ago and now I have very visble red sars which arn`t really fading. Are there any treatments or creams that I can use to reduce these scars? I heard that you can use laser surgery but I found out that it can cause further scarring, is this true and are there any other options that will help the scars fade?


Scar treatment is not optimized at the moment. Keloids and hypertrophic (thick, elevated) scars can sometimes be treated in the dermatologist's clinic with injection of corticosteroids. Flat scars that are obvious just because of their reddish color can sometimes be improved with non-invasive laser treatments, such as the pulsed dye laser. Flat scars that are dark (brown or hyperpigmented) can sometimes benefit from topical treatments using hydroquinone-containing creams, which the dermatologist can prescribe.

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Elma D Baron, MD Elma D Baron, MD
Associate Professor of Dermatology
Director, Skin Study Center
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University