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Pain Management

Continuous Arm Pain



I was wondering what I should do now I have had a pins and needles feeling in my hands and half the palms are numb for about 2 yrs. now, In Dec I had surgery on my left ulnar nerve and I still have a numbness and tingling in my hand. I have also been told I have a pinched nerve in my neck. My upper right arm burns like a severe sunburn and the left arm burns from the shoulder down.I can`t even stand to wear a watch on my left wrist because of the sensations, worse now than it did before surgery. I went to a pain management clinic and had 2 shots in the neck at no avail So what can I do now My doctor tells me there is no surgery needed at this time and that I have to live with it,easy for him to say, What do you suggest I do now. The burning pain is getting to be more than I can stand. I also wake up in the night and both of my arms and hands are completely asleep and I have to keep opening and closing my hand to try to gain the feeling back. Continuous


Thank you for your question.

From what you describing, it looks like your are suffering from upper extremity neuropathy. This may be due to different causes, but what is most common, and could be related to your case, is that it may be coming form your neck.

You would need to check your cervical MRI and do an EMG study. After you receive the preliminary data, your doctor can make better decisions for your case.

If you have more questions about pain management or if you live in the Cincinnati area and would like to make an appointment about this problem, please visit http://www.universitypain.com.

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