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Dental and Oral Health (Seniors)

Upper jaw pain, sinus pain



upper jaw pain (one side at a time) sinus pain around eye, forhead, eye, cheekbone and radiating into the back of the neck. I am not congested. I have been trying a sinus rince. pain pills do not seem to help


In order to diagnose your case properly you must be seen by a dentist (or better yet, by a specialist in oral medicine or oral surgery). 

Your case may involve what we call referred pain, where the problem is dentally related.  This means that you may have a dental condition such as cavity or a periodontal condition causing pain which is transmitted to the sinuses and paranasal sinuses area.  That is why you feel pain in the areas that you mentioned, probably because the dental condition remains untreated.  A dental visit will clarify this problem.

Again, it is very difficult to diagnose without the benefit of clinical examination including radiographic examination.

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Abdel Rahim   Mohammad, DDS, MS, MPH, FAAOM, FACD Abdel Rahim Mohammad, DDS, MS, MPH, FAAOM, FACD
Clinical Professor of Geriatrics
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University