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Pain Management

Chronic Sciatic Pain



I am a 26 year old male just over 3 years ago I had a lumbar disectomy. I had been much better after the operation however in the last six months my sciatica has been gradually getting worse to the point now that I can't work or live a normal life I have been like this for 4 weeks. In this time I was also taken away in an ambulance because I actually couldn't get out of the bed. I have tried walking and swimming, but both appear to aggravate the pain. I am now bed bound and at the end of my tether. The Neurosurgeon diagnosed an inflamed nerve root last year after a scan and suggested I live with the pain or invest in alternative treatment. I have tried everything from a Tens unit to Acupuncture so I really have exhausted all avenues. Can you please offer your advice I cannot keep taking painkillers to get me through the day and night and from my research exercise should be relieving the sciatica. I have not had a recent MRI.


Thank you for your question.

I would like you to know that you are not the only one who suffers from pain due to a similar condition. I see patients every day who have the same complaints.

There are many modalities that we can do to help manage your pain, including and not limited to are caudal epidural lysis of adhesions, selective nerve root block and spinal cord stimulator.

Please discuss these options in more detail your pain management doctor. You can visit http://www.universitypain.com for more information on pain management.

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