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Vascular Surgery

Blood clots



I need to know, how long can a person have a blood clot before it causes a problem or kills you? I was injured last year by 400 pounds of pressure slamming into my leg. Two doctors and two experts later, they all just acted like it was no big deal and sent me on my way. Nine months after the injury, I demanded an ultra-sound. The results came back, thrombophlebitis, mononueritis, nerve lesions to the popliteal vein, etc.

I looked these up and looks like they can be dangerous. Since it`s been a year, does that mean there is no longer a danger of a pulmanary embolism? Are ther other dangers with this kind of damage? A response would be so appreciated. Thank-you.


I'm not sure what type of ultrasound you had. As a vascular surgeon, I have never heard of nerve lesions to the popliteal vein. Assuming the ultrasound did look for deep vein clot and none was detected, your risk of developing a pulmonary embolism is back to what it would have been before your trauma last year, which is likely low if you are an active person and a non-smoker. None of what you describe from your report sounds particularly worrisome.

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