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Women's Health

HPV vaccine



I`ve been hearing a lot about the HPV vaccine on the news. Can you tell me more about it?


You are right - there has been a lot of news about this new vaccine, which protects against the Human Papillomavirus Virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection that is thought to be responsible for the majority of cases of cervical cancer. Like any new vaccine, only time will tell about whether it is truly effective and whether or not there are potential problems that were not detected during the clinical trials to get this vaccine approved.

I would recommend you go to the website for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - they are a trusted source for information like this. The website is: http://www.cdc.gov/std/hpv/STDFact-HPV-vaccine.htm.  The information on this site is very good.

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W. Fred Miser, MD W. Fred Miser, MD
Professor of Family Medicine
Director of Ohio State Medicine Residency Program
College of Medicine
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