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Since I had the TURP 10 years ago, I continue to have problems with blood in my urine and retention. Is there any medication such as Proscar or herbs that is going to help me since I have already had the TURP twice? I keep being told to take medication to shrink the prostate, but I thought that the TURP was supposed to cure all this. I am soon to be 77 years old


Unfortunately, prostate glands can re-grow after surgery and result in more symptoms and require additional surgery.

For the symptom of retention effective medical treatment includes the use of medications that can shrink the prostate. One class of medications includes drugs such as Hytrin, Cardura, or Flomax. These medications can lead to immediate relief. Another class of medications shrinks the prostate over longer use, the immediate effects are minimal. These drugs include Proscar and Avodart. It is generally recommended that one medication from each class be taken to receive the maximum benefit.

Even with the use of medication, surgery may be required to relieve the retention or urgency symptoms.

The persistence of blood in the urine more than one-month after surgery is not normal and should be further assessed by a urologist.

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Elizabeth Joyner Gothelf, BSN, MAG Elizabeth Joyner Gothelf, BSN, MAG
Assistant Director
College of Medicine
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Gregg   Warshaw, MD Gregg Warshaw, MD
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College of Medicine
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