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Dental sealants



I`ve only heard of dental sealants being applied to children. Can they help adults prevent cavities as well?


Although usually dental sealants are applied to children's permanent back teeth to prevent cavities, dental sealants can and are placed on the back (molar) teeth of adults to also prevent cavities.  Sealant placement for adults would be most advantageous for those who are cavity prone or have made a significant change in their diet (too many sweets) and/or in their  oral health care.  For example some military recruits receive sealants in order to decrease the chance of getting cavities when they are deployed.  Since most dentists do not routinely place sealant on their adult patients, you as the patient may have to initiate the conversation with your dentist.

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James   Lalumandier, DDS, MPH James Lalumandier, DDS, MPH
Professor of Community Dentistry
School of Dental Medicine
Case Western Reserve University