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Blindness & stroke uder the age of fourty



when i turned thritynine i had a stroke that left me legally blind. Cant drive not able toto keep anything i see focaced on anyone object and i get very bad angzitiy attacts and they tell me that my kind of stroke is very rare.I remember things that happen two weeks leading up to the stroke but not much of growing up.I had very bad migrins and was given many shots at the hospital for pain atleast two times a week or more at times for two yrs. they say migrains was the cause of my stroke. I would like to know since i lost my deepperseption& perrefeal nision can it ever be fixed or come back its been almost7yrs?


Questions specific to your personal health status should be addressed by your physician, who knows all the details of your medical history.

I will offer the following general comments.  Migraine is indeed a risk factor for stroke.  Stroke is uncommon in the young, but surprisingly almost 25% of strokes occur before the age of 50.

I have just answered a question about visual loss after stroke and a potential therapy that can be tried for some patients in attempting to aid in visual recovery.  Please refer to that answer for full details.

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