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Skin Care and Diseases

Are facials good for you?



I am a Caucasian 36 year old female. My skin is overall healthy but I tend to get small but regular breakouts. Lately, I have been getting one or two pimpels on my throat every two months or so that take a long time to disappear. I cleanse my face and neck, apply a toner and 15 spf moisturizer every day. I have 2 questions. Will regular facials help minimize my face breakouts and is there anything I can do to prevent my neck from getting pimples? I appreciate any comments you might have. Thank you.


I really have no insight into the therapeutics of facial abrasions.  We do perform microdermal abrasions which do help minimize small fine wrinkle formations; but at your age I would think that would be unnecessary.  It would be more important for you to have good hygiene methods of washing your face with a nonirritating cleanser, then wear sunscreens and moisturizers of your choice.

It is apparent that if one rubs the skin very firmly on a regular basis, or scratches it, pustules do arise from rupturing of the hair follicle from the trauma.  I would urge you to be careful  and encourage you to continue to use your moisturizer with a sun protective factor of at least 30, if you really want to change the course of sun damage on your face. 

If you have an acne-like response or have a number of comedones (blackheads), then you may wish to see your board certified dermatologist who may suggest the use of one of the topical retinoids to minimize comedones and/or use Benzoyl Peroxide preparations for your pustules.

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati