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Skin Care and Diseases

Burning skin sensation



I hope you can help, as I am going crazy! I had an affair and contracted urethriris. I was really stressed out for 2 weeks. But was treated and the urethritis went away. The weekend before I went to the doctor, my skin began to get sentitive to touch.It wasn`t like the flu where my skin hurt, my skin had a burning feeling when scratched or touched. It has been a week now and my skin is still on fire. What can be causing this? I seems to come and go a little, but will flare up big-time and is very painful.


I assume that from your history, that the skin over your extremities and torso are the areas that are hurting, and not your genital skin.  It is difficult to help you.  Medications can cause reactions.  Bacterial infections of other kinds can cause redness and pain in the skin.  Intoxication from heavy metals can lead to abnormal sensations in the skin.  This is not a problem that can be carefully reviewed without seeing your primary care physician, possibly your neurologist, and/or possibly your dermatologist.  I am quite concerned with your description of feeling like your skin is on fire.  You must be very uncomfortable.  Please see one of your appropriate physicians first so that some form of assistance may be given to you.


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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati