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Root Canals

Nightmare root canal- what can I do?



I had a root canal 6/8/06, there was nothing wrong with my wisdom tooth other than my Bridge was loose and my regular dentist sent me to the endodontist because she failed to listen to me. It was a challenging procedure because the root was L shaped and it took several injections to get numb. One week later he redid the root canal because there was pain, never knew the reason. The following week I found a New regular dentist because finally it was realized that my Bridge was loose. He put a post in the tooth that was still a problem after being retreated and put a tempporary bridge in. Now, here it is months later, I still have a problem with the tooth and I don`t want to have the permanent bridge put in until the issue is resolved. Endodontist + Regular dentist have no idea what the problem is, think maybe I should have a apicoectomy. Well, I really don`t want to have this procedure especially since no one knows why they`re doing it and of course can`t guarantee that the problem will be solved. What can I do?


Third molars are one of the most difficult teeth to treat endodontically. Their root structure and anatomy are very unpredictable and, unfortunately, sometimes all the tissue cannot be removed from the roots of these teeth. That is when endodontic surgery becomes a consideration. The surgery may more predictably ensure that the roots of the tooth are sealed off in this case.
Of course surgery does have its risks and these should be discussed with you. The problem may also not be related to the tooth at all. Also, when it comes to healing, each patient is different. If you are still unsure as to what to do, you can always get a third opinion.

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John M Nusstein, DDS John M Nusstein, DDS
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