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Acute lacunar infarct-what physical exercise



Recently ( this week)diagnosed with "probable acute lacunar infarct". 58 year old, white (native american ancestry). Results of MRI of the brain without contrats. 7mm focus of T2 signal intensity in the superior right parietal region at the grey white junction. No discrete cortical infarct is evident. No mass effect or homorrhage is identified. Next week having carotid artery ultra sound. In the past (April) had heart cath after high blood pressure episode. Very good results.Problem was small hiatial hernia. Have high blood pressure on RX; am pre-diabedic-controlled with diet. Weight 225, height 5`1. Am social worker with high-stress population. Question: Want to improve sensation in left side-have trunk numbness, extends to foot on left-side. Am left-handed. Walking, talking, and working (did not know the stroke had occured-probably one month ago). Am on program WW to lose weight and now taking pravastatin (40 mg.)The numbness is s-o-o bizarre. No one thus far (doctor) has mentioned physical therapy, etc. Scheduled to see neurologist at the end of October. Thanks for your response!


I would recommend that you see the neurologist as soon as you can, and let him/her perform a full evaluation.  I'm not sure that physical therapy would help for just numbness, as therapy is usually best for helping with recovery from weakness.  Having said this, your doctor might well feel that therapy would be beneficial for you, and if so it is better to start sooner than later. 

I hope this helps.

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Brett   Kissela, MD Brett Kissela, MD
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Director, Neurology Residency Program
College of Medicine
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