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Athletic Training

Achilles tendon rupture



While playing soccer as a kid at around the age of 10, I kick the ball at the same time as another kid and heared a poping sound in my right foot. I remember my father carrying me to the car because there was no way i could walk on the foot. He almost took me to a doctor but never did. I don`t remember how long it took to heal but I never went to see a doctor for it. As the years went on i went to the doctors with all sorts of pains. One of the times i went the doctor said i had achilles tendonitis. He didnt give me anything to do about it but told me this was why i had the pain in my heal. I still went to the doctor with knee pain, back pain, but worst of all shin splints. I am now in college pole vaulting for their track team. My foot has proved to be a very bad inconvenionce. It is very weak. I cant hold it pointed up for very long, i can fold it compleetily on its side (my normal foot i can`t). When i run it seems to flop some days worse than others. Im guessing i ruptured my tendon during this soccer event as a kid and now 10 years later im paying for not getting it treated. Is there still anything that can be done to fix this problem? Are there workouts i can to to strengthen it? Will these workouts help considering i have been running and weight training a lot with no improvement?


If you are still have trouble with your foot, it is best for you to contact your team's athletic trainer and/or physician for an evaluation. Since your problem has been persistent for such a long period of time, it is important to get a diagnosis which may include  X-rays, or MRI.

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