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Exercise and Fitness

Lack of energy



I am a mother of three that participated in four sports when in high school, 10 years ago. Since I had my daughter 5 years ago, I have not had any energy. I barely make it through the day. I also have a problem with gaining weight in the mid-section area. It seems to be the only place that has changed since high school and the kids. I would like to have more energy and lose the stomach/sides and tone up the rest of my body. I searched the website for the exercises, but it helps me to see the pictures and I couldn`t locate anything. Do you have any advice for me?


Although a regular exercise program and healthy eating patterns can help to increase one's energy level, I would first have you check with your personal physician to rule out any underlying cause of your lack of energy.

This topic of losing weight in the abdominal region was discussed in previous questions. Take a look at "Losing weight in only area left? Love Handles", "Spot Fat Reduction" and "Big belly" for additional information. American Council on Exercise has a great website with photographed exercises for the entire body, including the abdominal (core) area. They can be found at www.acefitness.org/. Look under the "Exercise Library" and you are sure to find exercises easily performed in the comfort of your home.

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