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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Depression and Bad Thoughts



I feel like my eyes have no life in them. I cant think at all. I feel like I have no mind or brain like I'm brain dead. I feel like I've shut my eyes to the world, I'm gone, and when Iopen them I'm back. There is no go in me, and I used to be so full of life. I cant think about anything or do much.

I feel that I've shoved so much crap into my brain over 2 years its made me brain dead. Can you also answer me this. Can you lose your mind through shoving negative thoughts into it for 2 years solid.


Well, you certainly can't get "brain dead" by what you have described, but you certainly could be depressed.  Check out the weblink for some information and a test to take to help you decide if you have depression.

Depression occurs when brain chemicals in the brain get out of balance.  Stressful life events don't cause this, but they certainly can make symptoms worse, which include sadness, lack of interest or fun in life, poor concentration and memory, increased aches and pains, problems sleeping and eating (either too much or not enough) and tearfulness.

I encourage you to see you doctor right away.  He or she can help you to find out if you do have depression, and get you started on treatment.

Good Luck.

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