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Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension?



Hello. I have recently went to get an echocardiogram, and everything on it was normal with the exception of two things. First it stated that my estimated pulmonary systolic pressure between 30-35 mmHg. It also stated that i had a mild pulmonic insifficiency of no hemodynamic importance. I took these results to my pulmonoligst (as before they have noticed a spot in my lungs that he believes is coccidioidomycosis) and he told me these findings are not normal and are of concern (although my PCP said everyhting on my echo was fine). He wants me to come back in one month for another echo. Now i have viewed what Pulmonary hypertension is on the internet and i am so scared. I have two young children and am so afraid of dying in just a few years. My question is, does this sound really concerning to you? A pulmonary systolic pressure of this number but with no other heart troubles excepth the mild leak? I have a bit of shortness of breath and slight dizziness, but i do have anxiety issues and am on zoloft. Please help, i am so worried about this!


The echocardiogram is a screening test, and we estimate the Pulmonary artery pressure and also look for signs of strain on the heart.  An estimated pressure of 35 is considered mildly elevated. Since you are having symptoms repeating an echo is not unreasonable, and if the pressures are still elevated, you will need a right heart catheterization to conclusively decide if you have pulmonary hypertension.

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Namita   Sood, MD, FCCP Namita Sood, MD, FCCP
Associate Professor of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep
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