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Athletic Training

Achilles tendon rehab



I am a 23yr. old basketball player, looking to go over seas next year. I completely ruptured my achilles tendon in March 06`, the surgery was successful, at first the doctor told me 6mos. before i could play which should be now. Just last week i went for a check up and he moved it back to the beginning of the year. What can I do to regain my strength, explosiveness, ankle stability, and lateral movement?


I would suggest continuing with your current therapist three-five days a week.

1. Stretching the calf, hamstrings, quads, and IT band is a seven-day-a-week practice. Calf stretching should become religion for you. You should concentrate the stretch with the knees in a bent position as well as straight to stretch both the gastocnemius and soleus muscle groups.

2. Balance: This can be performed with shoes on or off, eyes closed, have someone play catch with you while you balance.

3. Performing lunges (standing or walking)

4. squatting ¼, ½ , full

5. various calf raises (seated with a plate on lap), standing, SL and both legs;

6. SL leg press.

7. Ankle (4 directions) t-band or ankle weight exercises 3x30 daily.

8. Lateral t-band walking (put t-band around ankles).

9. If you have access to a slide board in a rehab facility this is a great way to work on your cardio while working your lower body strength.

10. Jump rope is a good cardio, balance, and strengthening exercise. Work up to 5 minutes continuously varying your jumps.

11. Box jumping (6-8 inch) jump up, then down on opposite side. 3x10.

12. Ask your therapist to show you how to perform a bounding exercise. This is especially good for pushing off and landing.

13. Running, basic strength training should be incorporated to help maintain general body conditioning.

Hope this helps you in your endeavor to return to the court. Again, it is helpful for you to follow up with a sports medicine professional who is able to evaluate you and progress your rehab as your injury dictates.

Good Luck.

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Chalisa   Fonza, MA, ATC Chalisa Fonza, MA, ATC
Athletic Trainer
Clinical Instructor at the School of Allied Medical Professionals
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University