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Braces with an implant



I am an adult who had orthodonture about 25 years ago. Since that time there has been major shifting and I am planning on doing it again. Unexpectedly, I needed to have a molar extracted and am having an implant done. I am concerned that the pressure of the braces might harm the crown that will be placed on the implant. Would it be better or worse to have that crown banded? Should I consider Invisalign?


The implant will not move at all so it is important to plan for the final position of the implant BEFORE you begin the braces. I would not have the final crown made until after the braces are removed. You can have a temporary crown made if you need the tooth for chewing.

Should I consider Invisilign?

Invisalign is good for minor "touch ups", especially for adults who have already had braces.

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Mark G Hans, DDS, MSD Mark G Hans, DDS, MSD
Professor of Orthodontics
School of Dental Medicine
Case Western Reserve University