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Skin Care and Diseases

How to remove a splinter on an elevated vein?



I happened to get pierced by something too small for me to see - does that still count as a splinter? - on one of the big veins elevated on the skin surface where the leg meets the foot (I don`t know if I should call them varicose veins, though). As I wasn`t able to see it, I just blindly scratched at the area to get whatever it is that pierced me out. As I know what I did wasn`t right...how should you deal with such things and what are the risks if they stay in - can they travel around the body through the blood vessel and cause clogging or bleeding or any other problems?


See your family physician!  The foreign body may serve as a focus for infection.  Do not tarry!

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Charles L Heaton, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati