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Neck cracking



I had a stiff neck one day an had an uncontolable urge to move my neck with a slow right twist, only slightly and heard a cracking sound. Now if I turn my head to the left and hold for at least 10 sec, it cracks moving it back.

Also upon waking up in the morning there is a loud crack sound right at the base of my skull, or if i roll over in my sleep it will actually wake me up its so loud. Did I do permanent damage? What did I do and will this ever go away? Thanks


There could be a variety of reasons for the cracking that you report…we suggest that you have this properly diagnosed by an orthopedist. Cracking can be caused by soft tissue moving across a joint, or it can be symptomatic of something more severe. This doctor can examine the body areas that you mentioned and make a proper diagnosis (if there is one to be made!).

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Stephen J Page, PhD Stephen J Page, PhD
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