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Breast Feeding




hi i am 8-10 wks pregnant and i had implants put in 3 years ago my breasts are very sore this is my third pregnancy but my first with implants they hurt so bad is this normal and can i still breastfeed my baby and i don`t remember them being so sore with my other 2 children


Breast soreness is common in the first trimester of pregnancy, and usually abates as the pregnancy progresses.

The soreness is due to the milk glands growing larger in preparation for lactation.

If your implants are behind the chest muscle, the pain should subside soon, and you should be able to breastfeed without too much discomfort. Sometimes the milk supply is less with implants due to the surgery which interrupts some of the blood vessels that nourish the milk glands.

If your implants are in the breast itself, then the pain might be more severe as the milk glands become more crowded and feel the outside pressure increasing as they try to get larger to get ready for milk production.

Once the skin stretches to accommodate this growth, the pain should subside.

You may rest assured that it is not impossible to breastfeed with implants. It may well, however, be more of a challenge.

Best of luck!

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Jeanne L Ballard, MD, FAAP, FABM Jeanne L Ballard, MD, FAAP, FABM
Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati