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Oral Cancer

Lesions in the Mouth



Two weeks back, I felt I had bad breath and in the past few days I have noticed that on both sides of my inner cheeks I have seen sores with small white spots that are almost inline with my upper teeth. There is no pain normally or even while eating, but I have a feeling in my mouth that I am not able to explain. I began using a mouth wash and frequently rinse my mouth too. Is this the first signs of oral cancer?


These kind of symptoms might be due to a broad variety of diseases from a self-limited infection to a more serious disease process. If the mouth lesions persist more than a week, at that time my recommendation would be to be seen and evaluated by a professional.

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Enver  Ozer, MD Enver Ozer, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University