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What kind of foods bring on sarcoidosis?



I live in Washington, DC. I am doing a health fair on sarcoidosis and I need to know what type of foods bring on sarcoidosis. I also like to know if there are any support group in DC that i can get some paper work from. In March of next year i would like to put together a march for sarcoidosis in dc but i am not sure who to take with about this matter. Can you send me some paper work or broucher on sarcoidosis that i can hand out to the people that i no that has this disease.


Your questions about how sarcoidosis occurs and how to best manage it, including what foods to eat, are excellent ones!  There is not a good answer to these questions because relatively little emphasis has been placed on advancing our understanding of this disease.  For instance, it is not even known how the disease is started or how to best treat it.  Your plan to assemble sarcoidosis patients (voters!) who increase awareness of the disease is the first step in finding answers to these important questions, because your political representatives have a lot to do with what kind of research will be promoted by the government.  The national government funds most of the research projects performed on diseases of unknown cause, such as sarcoidosis.

As for local support groups in Washington DC, I would recommend checking on the internet.  I just did a "Google" search which turned up Sheila Clark(Sheila.Clark@uspto.gov) as your local sarcoidosis support group leader.  I would recommend contacting her to coordinate your plans.

Best of luck to you!

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Elliott D Crouser, MD Elliott D Crouser, MD
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College of Medicine
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