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Sarcoidosis research/funding



I read with great interest the question regarding food/sarcoid. I just emailed Sheila.Clark@uspto.gov myself to ask the same thing about ways of raising monies and support to help find a cause and cure for this terrible disease.I believe it is very interesting that so many medical professionals have this disease (I`m an RN). It is frustrating that we do not know more about this disease. If we all as Sarcoidosis pts along with family/friends/others(also known as "registered voters"!) make our voices heard this surely will help. My question is: where would someone make a donation to make the most difference? When (not if) monies are raised as well as public awareness would monies be best utilized? Thank you Dr. Crouser for your dedication and time towards helping with this disease.


I believe the US government has the most effective research programs.  Increased awareness at the government level (i.e., letters to your congressmen, organized meetings/marches) is probably the most effective strategy to increase government sponsored research programs that would potentially tap into the best pool of researchers.  In the final analysis, more research is needed before we can expect to make significant progress in terms of improving our understanding (and treatments) of the disease.

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Elliott D Crouser, MD Elliott D Crouser, MD
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College of Medicine
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