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Parkinson's Disease

Fractured hip in the Parkinson patient



My mom is 78 yrs old. She underwent hemiarthroplasty four weeks ago. She also has Parkinsons Disease with associated Lewi Body Disorder. Unfortunately because of her PD and recent surgery, she internally rotates her leg greatly. She is ambulating using the walker and assist of one, but needs direction with each step to keep that foot pointed outward. She attempted to walk independently and fell again after tripping herself. Are you aware of any type of brace that would keep that leg in alignment so she would not be a such a great risk of falling again? Thank you for your help.


There may be a brace that can be custom fitted to help direct her leg as she walks.  I would suggest an evaluation by an occupational therapist to determine whether or not that is a possibility.  If there is a method of bracing, then aggressive physical therapy will also be needed.

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Karen M Thomas, DO Karen M Thomas, DO
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