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Smoking and Tobacco

Eating and stopping smoking



I quit smoking 4 months ago after smoking many many years. Now i cant seem to quill my appetite. I am always eating something or looking for something to eat. Carrots or things like that just dont seem to be on my menu. I prefer sweets or something like a whole meal. I snack non stop and gum doesnt help. I am gaining weight fast and need some advice on how to curb the craving for eating now. It seems that eating has taken the place of nicotine. Help


Congratulations on quitting smoking! After quitting, it is not unusual to gain some weight. Snacking on low calorie and low fat items, like carrots are a good substitute. However, many people do crave sweets. You may need to start an exercise program that includes walking 30 minutes most days. The weight you gain is much less of a health risk than returning to smoking. Good luck to you.

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Mary Ellen Wewers, PhD, MPH Mary Ellen Wewers, PhD, MPH
Professor of Health Behaviors & Health Promotion
College of Public Health
The Ohio State University