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Alzheimer's Disease

Treating Left Brain Atrophy



My son was diagnosed with left brain atrophy at the age of 9. I was told it stemmed from lack of oxygen. His symptoms were comprehension, behavioral, etc. He was diagnosed by a CAT/MRT scan. His behavior has become a great problem since he is 18 years old, 6`3", 220 lbs., size 16 feet. He has a very poor social life, so he depends on his younger brother and rules him terribly. He is just a few credits from graduating, but hasn`t been attending school for 3 weeks. Please tell me, is there a medication or some surgery for him that will give him a quality of life, and bring me out of this hell world I`m in...


I would advocate trying to get your son to a child psychiatrist, a pediatric neurologist, or a developmental medicine specialist as soon as possible. It varies from place to place which one is best for this situation, but you would need such a specialist not only for optimizing behavior medicines (some may help), but to access supportive services and therapies in the area, and to learn about transition services for adulthood such as vocational rehabilitation, and if necessary, residential services or supported living environments. These can be hard to access due to limited availability and poor funding, but one needs to get into the system as early as possible.

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David Q Beversdorf, MD David Q Beversdorf, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurobehavior and Neurology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University