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Colon Cancer

Metastasized colon cancer



My father was diagnosed with colon cancer. They removed a soda can sized tumor from his colon. After chemo he was diagnosed with metastasized colon cancer in his right lung. The lower lobe of his lung was removed and he went through chemo again. The doctors found cancer was in the left side of his diaphragm, again metastasized colon cancer. They tried to remove the tumor, but the tumor was to spread out. He was then treated with radiation with success. He then had pain in his forearms both right and left which turned out to be mat. colon cancer. The doctors removed dead cancerous bone from his elbow on the right arm, and a large tumor on the left. He was going to have radiation in both arms, but he had a bad seizure and was throwing up and was taken to the hospital where they found 10 tumors in his brain. My father is 65 and is in very good condition exept for the cancer. He is still strong and handles surgery well. His doctor wants to try radiation on his brain. Are there adverse effects of radiation to the brain? Why would metastasized colon cancer go to all of these odd areas? Could surgery be a possible option?


There are certainly side effects to any form of treatment in addition to certain benefits. It is important that you discuss with his physician the risk/benefit ratio of radiation.

Colon of the cancer, like many other cancers, has the propensity to spread to many areas, including the bones and the brain.

Surgery is probably not an option with 10 tumors -- However, on occasion, might be an option if a dominant tumor is causing a lot of symptoms. This needs to be discussed with your physician.

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