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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)

Fluid around both kidneys in utero at 24 week



Ive just had a at 24 weeks ad have been told there is fluid around both the babies kidneys.On the last scan it was only on one and now 4 weeks later it is on bothI have been told that the level is at the top of the acceptable but if it goes any higher the baby will have to have an operation. I was also told it is more common in a particular sex but i do not want to know the sex.ould you please let me know the implications of this condition.


There have been many such questions in this forum. Please browse the archives.

Briefly, we often find fluid in the kidneys of babies before they are born. The majority have nothing wrong, and the swelling improves after the child is born. A small number may have such bad swelling that surgery might be needed. The only way to know though is to test the baby after he/she is born. The ultrasound studies done before birth are not accurate enough.

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