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my daughter is almost 15 and she is sick to death of braces. She had her braces put on at age 10. At that time she had a crossbite and spaces between teeth. now after 4years and one tooth being lost due to another tooth growing sideways and killing its root. Hence she will now also need an implant. Now she has an underbite and is still in braces waiting for her to finish growing to determine best course of action. the ortho keeps telling her next visit braces come off and you go into a retainer and we wait. however that didnt happen. He now is trying to force her lower teeth back but she is in pain and cant eat and when she does bite her cheeks get biten and are swollen. Does this sound right? What to do?


At this point I have to say I am guessing that the orthodontist feels she probably has  stopped growing and feels he can correct her cross-bite with continued treatment. I would ask the doctor how long he feels this will take and what he /she feels are the chances of correction.  When you combine cross-bites with impacted teeth you are describing a difficult case, so the time interval, while long, is not excessive. 
The alternatives to correcting the cross-bite other than orthodontics involve surgery.  I would opt for continued orthodontics, but you are certainly entitled to ask what the time expectations are. I hope this helps, but it is difficult to provide more information without seeing the records.

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Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS Walter C Buchsieb, DDS, MS
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