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Sinus sarcoid?



What are the usual symptoms of sarcoid affecting the sinuses? I`m forever plugged up (little clear to no drainage) and it feels swollen. I know I need to see an ENT doctor for this and will but was curious as to how much of this is seen with systemic sarcoid pts. When I see speciality doctors the first thing they usually say is "I`m not experienced with sarcoidosis". When I see the sarcoid info on the internet I am stunned b/c sarcoidosis is much more prevalent than I ever thought it was.Thank you for this service you provide and most of all for your very forthright and caring replies to people who are desperately seeking answers.


Sinus involvement by sarcoidosis is not uncommon, but requires some testing to confirm. A CT scan of the sinuses is a good starting point and may show what appears to be a large polyp or even a mass that can obstruct the drainage of the sinuses. Because sarcoidosis can mimic other processes, a biopsy of the abnormal looking sinus tissue may be necessary to confirm the diagnosis. I generally rely on an ENT specialist to help me manage patients with sarcoidosis of the sinuses. Many of them are familiar with this disease.

I agree that sarcoidosis is an under-appreciated disease. I hope this changes over time. The internet is helping to spread the word!

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