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Vascular Surgery

Pregnancy and varicose vein surgery



I am 3 months pregnant with my third child. I began having varicose veins when I got pregnant with my first child, they got VERY bad with my second child and I was sent to have an ultrasound on my leg to check for blood clots. It came back negative, but I had and continue to have with this pregnancy fever in my leg over the varicose veins. I wear a 30-40 compression hose, but they are still getting worse. They go all the way from my ankle to my vagina. The worse section being the vagina area and the back of my thigh. I have been told there is nothing a vascular dr. can do for me while I`m pregnant. I`m wondering is this true? I am in severe pain! I can hardly go to the bathroom because of the varicose veins around my bottom. Also, if I had surgery to fix my veins after this pregnancy and were to get pregnant again, would it cause the veins that the blood had re-routed to to become varicose? Would I be better to have the surgery after I am through having children? Thanks.


Unfortunately the only thing you can do during pregnancy is wear compression stockings. Waist high would be best. After you deliver I would consider getting evaluated for treatment of your venous insufficiency. No need to wait until you finish having children.

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